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Monday, March 26, 2012

A trip to remember...Cameron Highland

lamanyo dok nulis dlm blog nie
sibuk keje n jadi isteri solehah katakn hahaha...
xnk ceta lama2, xnk tulis pjg2 
juz nk abadikn gambar dgn hubby yg terchenta
sedetik lebih di Cameron HIghland yg amat sejuk di waktu pagi walaupun takde aircond..

d story begin with my cute hubby at Strawberry Farm

suddenly he found a cute princess looking for a strawberry chocolate

then together2 they went to pluck the strawberry.. delicious

the rest of d story..haha mls dah nak mengarut mlm2 buta nie... 

wish i'll be happy with him throughout  my life
in thick n thin 
till the heaven